The sheep are shorn once a year, usually towards the end of April.  Much of the wool is sold raw to handspinners, but usually some is reserved to be sent out for processing into yarns or roving, batts and top.

Roving and Batt selections vary from year to year.  These could be made from one individual fleece, though most are a blend of two of more fleeces and sometimes a blend with other fibers.  Some years there is Cormo top or pin drafted roving made from select Cormo fleeces.

Batts are usually offered in natural colors of white and greys –  usually  Cormo and Cormo-cross in white batts and Cormo-cross in grey. Most batts are sized 45″ x 72″ and frequently used for felting.

Prices range from $20-$35 per pound. Presently sold out of batts


Listed below are the rovings available now:

The striped roving is from two Cormo-cross lambs’ fleeces – twins, one white and one black. You can spin this as is for a barber pole effect but the roving is wide enough that you could manipulate as desired or split by color.

Striped Roving:


This roving is a blend of lustrous long wools.  There are different natural greys blended with a variety of naturally dyed pinks and purples.

Long Wool Roving:




This roving is a blend of white fleeces (softer Cormo-cross) and naturally dyed mohair from a local farm.  The colors are subtle and the resulting yarn is similar to mother of pearl.

Mother of Pearl Roving:



When traveling to shows, I usually bring an array of small bits of dyed fleece and roving in many colors for those interested in needle felting.


Return Policy

If not completely satisfied with your order, please contact me within 30 days of your purchase.  Orders may be exchanged, or returned for a refund (less shipping and handling charges) within 30 days of purchase if in original condition with label and sales receipt.

Please note: Sales of discounted items are FINAL.